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Can a blog be about gardening, cancer, family, food and life all at the same time? Oh good.

Eyes Wide Shut… July 19, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Mary @ 9:36 pm

Or, “How to get through your day with your eyes swollen shut.”  Which mine have been for nearly 24 hours.  And so I’m not writing much.  But I will when they open back up all the way.  Ow.


3 Responses to “Eyes Wide Shut…”

  1. worship1 Says:

    so sorry to hear of your affliction… may God grant His grace upon you and bring healing quickly. Amen

    • merlotmudpies Says:

      thanks, to both of you!! i’m feeling LOADS better today though my eyes are still not completely healed. i had an allergic reaction to something for sure. may be that our cat got into some pollen or something. whew! glad to see again!

  2. Amazing you were able to write a post at all! Feeling your pain and praying for you.

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