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On Losing My Religion July 15, 2009

Anyone who knows me at all probably knows that I spent a good few years of my life outside of the church — angry and resentful at God when I was even willing to admit that I thought He existed.  By God’s grace, I was shown my need for Him and the utter disaster I’d made of things when willfully pursuing my own desires and ideas about how things “should be.”

I think a lot about that period in my life — about how a girl raised in a loving Christian home by very dear parents could have gone that far astray.

I will develop this better at some point, and there are a lot of aspects to this that I’ll need to think about deeply.  But I am more and more aware of how bad theology really failed me — it could not bear the weight of what the world had to throw at it.  I had, at that point in my life when I threw up my hands and walked away, become convinced (though I likely wouldn’t have been able to put words on it at that point) that I had a hand in my own salvation.  That somehow or other I was worthy or able to add to its quality and surety by my own actions.

The reason I bring this up is because so much these days I hear things like “Deeds, not Creeds” or denigrating comments about dogma and doctrine.  But let me tell you — good theology is important.  Knowing what scripture says is really, really important.

Deeds or creeds…why do we have to choose?  It is my contention (and I know I’m not the only one) that our creeds — if they adhere faithfully to scripture — will lead us to extravagant acts of good and love out of thanks for the perfect example that was shown to us in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Believe it or not…this whole thought process is stemming from contemplating hospitality.  Sorry, it’s the brain I was given and it just works this way sometimes.


One Response to “On Losing My Religion”

  1. bek Says:

    I agree with you. There has to be a balance, and doctrine truly is vital. Looking forward to seeing your thoughts “develop”. =)

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