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The Good, the Bad, and the Sunburned July 14, 2009

Filed under: rambling thoughts — Mary @ 9:42 pm

The Good:

Starting my job last year I had this fear that working in the Christian community would turn out to be…well…the same.  You know?  I was scared that I would go in and expect it to be different working with other Christians and that it wouldn’t be at all.  But I have found, wonderfully, that the environment in which I work is VERY different now and the direct result I can point to is the sincere love for Jesus shared between us all.  It doesn’t mean that things are perfect or that things always run smoothly, etc.  But it does mean that when Christ is the sincere focus of what we are all doing, it is a beautiful thing, indeed.  We need to get some more things squared away before I announce it.  But there are some really, really exciting things in the works for the ministry I work for and a partnership/working relationship that’s come about.  God is good and he is faithful.

The Bad:

My poor husband spent his entire birthday alone because I had serious meetings.  We celebrated the night before.  But still!  No wonderful hub and daddy really should be THAT alone on his birthday.  I’ll have to make it up to him.

The Sunburned:

You know, especially when you live in a beach town with tourists, how you sometimes see one of those sunburns?  The ones that, when you lay eyes on them, just look so darn painful you can’t help but wince?  Well, I have one of those as of today.  I took out a couple who were down from Seattle for our meetings and we went to the beach.  My pastor met up with us and took the husband, Mike, out surfing and he actually managed to catch some waves!  Jen and I spent that time on the sand with my son while he played.  I remembered HIS sunscreen and I managed to do my shoulders and arms.  But somehow I left out my legs entirely and then forgot to reapply to my face save for times when my hands were covered in sand and I couldn’t do it.

It’s embarrassing in this town to walk around with a burn like this because, you know, locals should just…well…KNOW better!

Solarcain is my best friend right now.  That aerosol can that evenly coats you and requires no rubbing at all is just one of the best inventions ever.


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