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A Family Day and a Rock Song July 11, 2009

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This is a very boring post about a fabulously boring and perfect day.

I got a call from my pastor’s wife, Wilma, this morning, informing me that they were at a clothing sample sale near our neighborhood.  We had no plans at all and Ryan and I have both been needing some new clothes pretty badly of late.  So we rolled out of bed and packed into the car to go hit the sales.  Clothes shopping is usually really frustrating for me because there aren’t a whole lot of clothes out there that fit me — or rather, there are a whole lot more ladies needing my weird size than there are clothes for all of us.  So finding them is hard and then finding them on SALE…well, that’s just unheard of.  But today I managed to find a pair of size 6 jeans with a 34″ inseam for $15 bucks!!  And the waist isn’t so low cut that I can’t sit in them.  They FIT!!  We really did score today — both of us, did.

And you know, let me tell you something sweet.  Sitting in the car on our way home I was overwhelmed with thanks for this man of mine sitting next to me who gets up every morning faithfully and goes to his job, works his tail off, and comes home to spend time with our son and me every night.  He provides for us and allows me to stay home to care for our family and then thanks ME with appreciation for good food and a clean house.  And then we go out and have the luxury of buying new things that we need.  We are so very well taken care of.  And when I expressed my thanks to him his response was, “Oh, babe, I’m so glad we found what we did.  It was high time for both of us to get a few new things.”  Like it was nothing at all in the world.  But he works SO hard.

God is very, very good in his provision.

On our way home, my son made up a song.  This was the song:

Chorus: I DON’T KNOW! I DON’T KNOW!  I DON’T KNOW! x5,000


Chorus: I DON’T KNOW! I DON’T KNOW! I DON’T KNOW! x 500,000


We let him sing it three times and then put the kaibosh on it because apparently it is to be sung only at the top of one’s lungs and there is just so much we can take.

So punk rock.

Lastly, the little man took a 4 foot skate board ramp by himself when his teacher looked away for two seconds on Friday.  To put this in perspective, he’s 3′ 4″.  He ate it at the bottom and this is how he repeated the story to his dad:

“Today I was at the top of a big ramp, and then I had a BAD idea…”

A bruised up nose was well worth it for the skate cred, apparently.

See?  Boring.  But I loved it.


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