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United We Paint June 27, 2009

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My sweet hub agreed to come with me to a United We Paint event that our community group at church was participating in.  If you’re looking for a way to reach out in your community and UWP serves in your area, I highly recomment it.  It was well organized and very fun and, quite honestly, I was shocked at how nice the house looked with two new fresh coats of paint.

The lady who lived in the home where we worked moved into our community in 1939!  She’d lived in that house since 1954.  I just can’t imagine all of the changes she must have seen living in that little neighborhood right down the street from us for all these years.  Amazing.  This whole area used to mostly be farmland and flower fields leading up almost to the shoreline itself.  I wish I could have seen it back then.

There was something especially sweet about being with Ryan doing this today.  I watched how hard he worked at the painting we were doing, going back over spots that needed extra work and kindly admonishing me when he found some areas where I had not paid enough attention.  His kindness and the obvious capability with which he worked as we painted our way along our assigned area rounded out my love for him just a little bit more today.

Love really is a process, isn’t it?  It stretches and grows and fills out and cracks open and fills in again in ways that we can never really anticipate.  It’s beautiful.  I am very thankful to be married to him.


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