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A Great Site for Frugal Cooking June 23, 2009

Filed under: cooking,recipes,tips — Mary @ 10:01 pm

I recently was given a pre-release copy of a new book by Mary Osteen over at  I am going to review that book some time this week so I won’t go into it too much now.  But getting the book made me visit her blog and that’s when, much to my surprise, I realized I’d read her blog before!  I think it was the cute header graphic that reminded me I’d been there.  I think it was in an optomistic burst of energy when I was determined to can my produce last year.  But…about that…maybe this year?

Anyway, Mary is the mom of ten (yes.  that’s what I said, TEN!) and she seems to be able to get out of bed and actually leave the house fully dressed on a consistent basis.  While smiling!  Much to the relief of exhausted mothers of one everywhere (or at least the ones sitting here on my couch), she confesses to a deep seated need for coffee.  Thank heaven, or I’d feel completely inadequate.

But here’s the thing I really wanted to say:  If you want to find someone with a ton of practical advice, a seemingly unending supply of sweet insight, and pretty great recipes, go visit her blog.  It’s rich with good content and written in a light way that will make you smile while you scramble for a pen to jot down helpful notes and ideas.


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