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Can I Have a Pinch? June 22, 2009

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The hub took a nap yesterday afternoon so to kill a few hours with E, now 3, we made cookies.  A note about cookies which probably isn’t novel to anyone but I was flat thrilled about when I thought to do it:

Double the recipe and then while half of them bake, scoop out the rest onto a cookie sheet and freeze them.  Once they are solid, pop them off the sheet and keep them in a freezer safe container for another fast batch you can have ready in no time.

Also, for those of you who like chocolate covered pretzles or extra buttery caramel:

I add extra salt, but a bit, to my recipe.  I also use kosher so it’s in slightly larger hunks than regular salt.  This way, when you’re eating your cookies you get these nice little tingles of salty flavor highlighted throughout the cookie.  Oh-so-delicious.

But in spite of the loveliness of these two things I’ll tell you what really took the cake (or cookie) for me yesterday:

E kept asking me as we worked up our batch of dough, “Mom, can I have a little pinch?”  We probably ate four whole cookies worth of dough this way.  Finally I gave him the paddle out of the stand mixer and as he stood on his chair in his orange apron in the sunshine through the window he got a huge smile of delight and exclaimed to me, “Mom, didn’t God make a WONDERFUL world for us to enjoy?!”

Oh boy.  Yes, son.  He did.  Immediately, hands down, my day made.


2 Responses to “Can I Have a Pinch?”

  1. Teri Says:

    You (and E) inspired me to make cookies for the first time with my almost 2 yr old. He sniffed the measuring spoons after the cinnamon and vanilla had been portioned out. He dubiously tasted the muddy mix and he enthusiastically plopped a raw egg on the floor and learned how to clean it up. It was a great way to spend our afternoon after being cooped up for 2 weeks with viruses. Thanks for helping remind us not to go stir crazy (pun intended) by simply sharing a recipe and appreciating what a wonderful day God made. And the kosher salt ROCKS.

    • merlotmudpies Says:

      Teri — It is SO GOOD to hear from you! Where does the time go, my friend? I love the cookie story. And yes, would I lie about kosher salt?

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