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Can a blog be about gardening, cancer, family, food and life all at the same time? Oh good.

I Am Back to Only Two Jobs! October 6, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Mary @ 11:03 am

And let me tell you…it’s like I’m on vacation!

The garden is…like…dead.  Super dead.  But that’s okay.  I was battling a bunny invasion on a grand scale and will be building new fences in B10 before I do my fall planting.

I hope you all are well!  Forgive the hiatus.


One Response to “I Am Back to Only Two Jobs!”

  1. Rachel Says:

    God Bless you Mary…ONLY two jobs? Yikes I will pray for you! Being a mommy, wife and gardener is hard enough without two other jobs to go along with it! You are awesome!!! Your mom would be proud of all your hard work.

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