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When You Realize You’re Not Quite Young Anymore… August 28, 2008

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So, I’m not a part of the hip generation anymore. I’m sorry fellow generation-mates. We are getting old and out of it.

I stopped our upstairs neighbor the other day because she had told me that her roommates had been practicing dancing with their friends one night and she was concerned that it was too loud down here. She had said at the time, “They do this type of dancing where they do handstands and flips and stuff, so it gets a little loud.”

This is how the next conversation went:

Me: Hey! How are you? Listen, I wanted to ask you–
Her: Oh my gosh, were we all too loud again?
Me: No, no! Not at all. It’s just, you said that you and all of your friends dance and my son loves dancing. I was wondering if he could come up sometime and watch you guys practice?
Her: (totally surprised) Oh! Oh my gosh that’s so great! HONEY! Hey HONEY! This lady wants to see us dance — she wants us to show her son. (then turning back to me) It’s sort of like, this hiphop dancing. Do you know what that is? I mean is that okay for you? It’s not too crazy?
Me: (surprised even to be asked) Uh..yeah! I mean…YEAH…I do know what that is. And that’s fine. That’s what I wanted him to see.
Her: Oh great! It’s this thing called break dancing actually (here is where it gets good, wait for it…wait for it!). It’s this old style of dance that’s coming back. Have you heard of it?

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? Again I say, WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT? HEARD OF IT? I grew up listening to Michael Jackson on AM Radio! YES I’ve HEARD of it. But admitting that makes me sound OLD.

The best part was that as she rushed up the stairs to catch up with her friends I heard her say, “Oh my gosh you guys, that’s so cool. She knows what break dancing is!”

Excuse me, I need to go adjust my dentures and find my walker.


4 Responses to “When You Realize You’re Not Quite Young Anymore…”

  1. Rachel Says:

    ..don’t forget the depends…wanna dance?

  2. Ani Says:

    Ummm. I felt like a grandma at the Ivy… who’s old?

  3. jenifer Says:

    As I was telling a friend ( a young friend on LJ) I am now going to the same clubs as the Olsen Twins. Mary…they were INFANTS the last time I saw them. So move over sister, I am taking your walker, I need it more than you do .

    OMG AM radio…I liked it 🙂 I actually had a radio that only got AM when I was little.

  4. geer Says:

    *gets out piece of cardboard
    rewind, pause, play, not that’s not it…rewind, pause, play…yeah, right at the beginning!

    don’t worry, mary…my 21 year old babysitter called me “mrs. kennedy” and i almost fell out of my chair. i was completely offended to say the least. (i’ve lost all my street cred…sigh)

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