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Served Cold by My Own Toddler August 16, 2008

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so, ryan had to work today and i was feeling bad for him.

while we were at the store grabbing some stuff for dinner, i said to eamonn, “should we get poor daddy some beers?” i rounded the cart into the liquor aisle and headed past this guy and just before we came up on him eamonn replied plaintively, “no, mommy. no daddy beer. mommy, no daddy beer!” all wide eyed and sincere.

it couldn’t have been directed better if he’d been a paid public service announcement child star on an ad about the evils of alcohol. the dude in the aisle totally stopped for half a beat with this horrified look on his face as i reached for the alaskan amber, then averted his eyes and scampered out of the aisle, all uncomfortable looking.

oh dang. i just can’t stop laughing about it. it was hysterical.


One Response to “Served Cold by My Own Toddler”

  1. Mel Says:

    HA!!! Now, that is absolutely hillarious! Oh man, I can just imagine. If I’ve never said it before, I’ll say it now… “I LOVE that kid… more than ever!” 🙂 Please, remember this story years down the road. It will be great to share with E when he’s old enough to understand the humor of it all!

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