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Greetings from Okieville July 21, 2008

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Greetings from Okieville where my family and I have been basking in the heat, the skeeters, the music of the tree frogs and cicadas, and tons and tons of love.

I meant to explain my absence before it started, but was too wrapped up in last-minute preparations.

So, until our return, I hope your face aches from smiling as much as mine does.


4 Responses to “Greetings from Okieville”

  1. sunnierdays Says:

    Squeeeeeeeeeeeee. How fun!

  2. merlotmudpies Says:

    It WAS fun!

    Oklahoma, Court. Back to the land you can hold responsible for Ryan and his wicked sense of humor. 😀

  3. Antoinette Says:

    You were in OK and didn’t tell me? Shame shame! It would have been so good to see you!!!!

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