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Can a blog be about gardening, cancer, family, food and life all at the same time? Oh good.

Knee-High By 4th of July, You Say? July 6, 2008

Get a load of this:
Silver Queen Corn at nearly 10 ft tall

I’m just over 6ft tall, and my arms are pretty long, which leads me to believe that my tallest corn stalk is about 10 ft tall.

Now to figure out how to know when the ears are ripe and ready for eating…


2 Responses to “Knee-High By 4th of July, You Say?”

  1. sunnierdays Says:

    Yeah, i’m that tall too.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Hi sweetie,
    I have just read these blogs and I have to say that now I am spent! They are wonderful writings. I appreciate them so much as I have not read anything so touching or meaningfull since My dad went home four years ago. I have grieved over your mother so, not like you of coarse, but she was so instrumental in my learning to trust the Lord and see his goodness after so much family heartache…and I mean when I was young as well as when my father went home. I wish I could say it gets easier but like you expressed, the grief pops up unexpectadley, and I have never longed for heaven more than now, or missed him more. Heaven is more real than ever before, I am sure you must feel the same thing at times. I am praying for you friend, for your ability to get up out of bed and minister to your family even when you want to cry all day or grieve some more, for your reliance on your Father that you can be a good mom and wife, without your mother standing by for advice and counsel, for thankfulness and trust in He who goes with you. Love you Mary.

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