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Happy Birthday, Daddy June 29, 2008

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We had the privilege of celebrating my dad’s birthday with him this weekend. I have a lovely picture of him blowing out his candle, but I won’t post it unless he says its okay.

We had roast chicken, roast potatoes, caprese salad, purslane salad, sauted zucchini, fresh almond/flax bread and of course, cake and ice cream. Much lovely conversation accompanied it all, as well as some nice wine.

So I’m not going to wax poetic about my dad tonight. It’s late and I might get sappy. But here is something I really, really want to say again:

We trust, as Christians, in God’s sovereign hand in our lives. (Sometimes I am better at this than others.) But my dad is, as was my mom, a constant reminder to me of the great love that God has shown me and continues to show me. What amazing parents I have. I can’t contemplate it without welling up.

My dad has loved me when I was utterly unloveable in the way I was living my life and behaving. He has helped me when I needed helping. And now, as we all deal with the loss of my mom, he has been an example to me of grace and courage. I love talking with him and just spending time with him whatever it is we are doing. He is my friend and I am honored to be his daughter.

Happy birthday, Dad. I love you so very much.

Some pictures of the boys enjoying Grandpa’s birthday cake right off the beaters follow.

Josiah emulates Daddy’s questionable fashion sense by getting a mustache of his own. Only Josiah’s is made of chocolate so, really, it’s win-win:

Eamonn gets to eat icing off a beater. His Aunt Crista spoils him so wonderfully and he loves just about every second of it. Here’s to getting a beater on Grandpa’s birthday!


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