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A Garden Update June 28, 2008

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a strictly garden update with pictures, and some really big things have happened out there.

I’m now getting about a pound of tomatoes every other day. I have peppers coming in and beginning to ripen finally. My corn is sprouting ears in both patches. I’d estimate about 80 ears before we’re through. I’ve also got 4 good sized watermelons and a bunch of babies. We’ve gotten several crops of potatoes thus far. I’m truly convinced now that you just can’t plant enough potatoes. I have okra buds now (amazing after so many lost plants!) that came from a second set of seeds I started about two months ago.

So anyway, here are some pictures. I’ll do a before-and-after of B10 and C10 in a post following.

My corn. Silver queen in the taller patch and Casino (I think, I have to re-check this. It also might be Bon Jour, but I don’t think so. It’s amazing what you forget. Anyway, the shorter guys I grew from seed.) corn patches with Jack of All Trades growing underneath in both, also started from seed.

Silver Queen corn patch

Sivler Queen cobs

Casino corn patch

Casino cobs

Here is my okra, trying hard to outgrow purslane (destined for a salad soon) and Sugar/Pie pumpkins. I have buds and teeeeny baby okra now. You can check them out in my Flickr photostream if you want.

Okra bed

And speaking of pumpkins…

One of my smaller Sugar pumpkins, followed by my ripening one, and a shot of my Jack of All Trades, which is now almost half again bigger one day after this photo was taken.

Small Sugar pumpkin

Ripening Sugar pumpkin

Jack of All Trades

My melons make me happy. Too bad I can’t remember which is which anymore and my plant tags faded. Note to self and anyone else: When you write on plant tags, don’t use girly colors like pink and light green. Use black. Truly. Or a soldering iron. For the sake of permanency, that is.

One of my littlest big'uns.

Not the biggest, but big

Another one

My bush beans, Bountiful and Cranberry, are having an identity crisis. They want to climb like pole beans! Well, I was rebellious, too. So I built them a teepee and they can climb if they want to. As long as they keep producing those gorgeous, tasty pods. Have at it little beans!


Bountiful bush bean pods

There are plenty more pictures on Flickr, as I mentioned. Feel free to take a gander. I won’t force you to look at them here, though.

If any of you have good experience with peppers, I keep losing mine to sunburn…but they are full sun plants. Do the peppers themselves need some shade?


One Response to “A Garden Update”

  1. Kat Says:

    I know I’m not even remotely near your zone but my mom grows her peppers (hot and sweet) under a single sheet of plastic to diffuse the direct sunlight. I think this helps stop the peppers themselves from burning but keeps the plants hot. Around here we also have to worry about keeping the rain off so it helps for that too.

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