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Pot-Heads Flock to My Blog June 26, 2008

So, apparently my rapture over eating weeds — purslane, specifically — has led some people to my blog for very interesting reasons.

I really adore the “Blog Stats” page. I refresh it obsessively. But it’s not, as my husband accused to our family friend Joseph, because I love tallying up all my page hits. (Don’t get me wrong, I love that people are even remotely interested in what I say on here and am really honored that anyone would read more than a sentence deep into this thing.) But it’s not the ego factor. I swear it. (Mostly — what a sad, sad person I am.)

It’s my utter fascination with how people get here and where they go from here. I love it!

So I get a lot of hits from people who want purslane recipes. I also get a lot of hits from people interested in things like blueberries and caterpillars or zucchini overloads and a lot of bell pepper hits for some reason. But what I get at least as much as everything else people search for, and usually more, is people looking for recipes for weed. They want to know if they can eat it straight, cook it into food, how much they should use and how often they can do it. I also really got a kick out of someone wondering “How to say ‘hi’ with weed?” I’d honestly never considered such a possibility before. What a let-down I must have seemed.

Anyway — sorry folks. Even if I wanted some pot I wouldn’t know the first thing about how to go about getting it and I lived long enough in Pacific Beach to know the smell well enough to be fairly certain it wouldn’t taste good eaten straight. And other than waving pot at another person and yelling, “Hello!” I’m also not quite sure how one would say hi with weed.

But I’m fairly certain that by sharing my fascination and amusement with all of you will also lead to my being auto-linked to a bunch of pot-related sites again and gosh, that just cracks me up in ways I can’t even begin to explain. Maybe I am too easily amused. Who knows? But it sure is funny and I love checking those stats every day as a result.

Actual real and possibly profound things to come. Thank you for putting up with my babbling. (Oh who am I kidding? I haven’t achieved profound yet, so what could possibly make me think my next post will be any different??)


4 Responses to “Pot-Heads Flock to My Blog”

  1. Kat Says:

    Holy cow, I do the same thing. Yesterday someone found my by searching for “how to destroy things”. I am continually fascinated by the strange things people search for and end up at a gardening blog. I also feel sort of bad seeing how many people want to learn to grow Pac Choi and they are lead to my post in which I denounce it as an unworthy plant. No weed seekers yet, maybe I need to write about dandelions more.

  2. merlotmudpies Says:

    Hehehe. I figured I wasn’t the only one to do such things, Kat! Are you Kat of Dreamless/Yayhooray?

  3. I’m always into discussions on anything organic, so this read made me feel at home.
    I’ll bookmark the site and subscribe to the feed!

  4. I do the same thing too. As someone with a fairly new foraging blog, I haven’t had too many weird searches yet, but have a feeling the my recent post on eating weedy greens may end up with some similar results.

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