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Stuffed Zucchini June 17, 2008

While this recipe wasn’t exactly a success, it still warrants documenting as the mistakes are fixable and there is definite potential here. So here goes. Stuffed zucchini:

First, I boiled the zukes for about 6 or 7 minutes on each end. They were so big I couldn’t fit them in my stockpot all the way at once. Then I took them out, halved them, and scooped out the seeds. Mistake #1: I should have done a much thinner shell. That being said, here they are waiting for filling.
Waiting for filling

I couldn’t find dirty rice and I didn’t have the time to make my own, so I used a mix (this is rare for me but it was good) for Jambalaya from Zataran’s. While that cooked up, I crumbled and browned hot italian turkey sausage. Then I mixed the two together for the stuffing, seen here.
Jambalaya and sausage for filling

Stuffed the zucchini. Mistake #2: I should have piled this higher and not worried so much about the mess.
Stuffed zucchini

Sprinkled with grated cheese. Mistake #3: I should have used maybe Provolone, or just a good Parmesan, or possibly even a white cheddar. I used the four cheese blend from Trader Joe’s and it just wasn’t the right cheese for the job. I should have mixed some of it into the filling, too.
Cheese on top

The finished product:
Finished stuffed zucchini

I was going to say that I should have baked it longer, too, but I think the thinner zucchini shell would actually resolve that issue for itself. My long-suffering hub, the kitchen taste tester, still ate two portions and was willing to take some for his lunch today. But he agreed that some improvements could certainly be made. Learn from my mistakes and give it a shot!

One thing, sadly, that you simply will not be able to duplicate, however, is my musical accompaniment as I cook. Poor you. It’s just so…restful…having him play while I cook. “Mom! Mom! I dwum! Sing, Mom! Sing! Mom. MOM. MOMMMM. SING!” Mmm hmm. That adds some flavor no other ingredient can add…
Eamonn on drums

My next project will be my beloved mother-in-law’s zucchini casserole. She’s a fantastic cook, but always generous with my abilities in the kitchen, so I’ll ask her if I need any help with her recipe. Oh that reminds me that I need to ask her if Italian sausage is a fair substitute for ground beef or turkey…because that’s what I have on hand…


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