Merlot Mudpies

Can a blog be about gardening, cancer, family, food and life all at the same time? Oh good.

The Gift that Absolutely Refuses to Quit Giving June 12, 2008

Ah, zucchini. You thought I’d written enough about it, didn’t you? Well, clearly you were wrong. Because today I picked these beauties and posed these other cuties with them:
Little kids, giant zucchini

Thank heavens for the mice who ate half of the fourth one or I don’t know what on Earth I’d do.

As it is, those suckers are getting stuffed with dirty rice, italian sausage and cheese tomorrow and baked. This is the winning combination favored by just about every gardener at Ivey Ranch, so I’ll give it a go. How bad could something stuffed with sausage and cheese really be? Right? Right.

And before my nap (I’m sick, that’s my excuse), I leave you with my demure blooming corn. This picture gave me shivers of joy. But then, we’ve already discussed my very probable garden insanity…
blooming corn


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