Merlot Mudpies

Can a blog be about gardening, cancer, family, food and life all at the same time? Oh good.

Eamonn Eats Zucchini June 5, 2008

Making up for the candy debacle, my son downed soup with zucchini in it last night. In fact, after taking a few tentative bites, he finally threw down his spoon, crowed, “Mmm mmm MMM!” and picked up his bowl to DRINK his soup!

Photographic evidence:
Eamonn eats soup

On another zucchini note, Ina Garten made a zucchini gratin today that looked absolutely amazing. Leave it to her or Paula Dean to figure out how to make a zucchini fattening, right? But oh man did it look good. There are some bad reviews on the site, but the overall rating was still 5 stars out of a ton of reviews. So I’ll give it a shot at some point this week. Because I’m still bringing in more zucchini than I know what to do with.

My sweet mother-in-law also sent me a ton of zucchini recipes that my husband grew up with. As I use them I will post them here.


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