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The Best Made Plans are Laid to Toddlers May 29, 2008

It’s amazing how quickly a two-year-old can knock you off your high horse.

“Of the three things we are eating tonight, Ryan, only the turkey sausage is store bought!” I crowed to my husband tonight before dinner. “The bread is homemade, the squash is from our garden and I gave that much again to Teri. And tomorrow we’re having purslane salad again! I love that I can feed you guys so healthily.” I was really, really proud of myself. So proud, in fact, that I had pondered taking pictures of our plates and of Eamonn relishing every bite of his home-grown meal.

Only, about that…

Grandma sent a box of goodies to us that arrived today. She is the queen of care packages, my mother-in-law. In that package was candy and Eamonn knew it.

In the end the only way I got the kid to literally choke down a single bite of squash was to convince him that he had to try at least one bite before he got some of that candy. We did this by allowing Daddy a piece in front of Eamonn after he finished his own squash.

So instead of a picture of my son loving every bit of his garden harvest, I give you:

Yes, when I took it he was crowing, “Canneeeeeee!”

Ah well.


3 Responses to “The Best Made Plans are Laid to Toddlers”

  1. why don’t you try beating him?

  2. merlotmudpies Says:

    i mentioned candy was in the equation, right? i could have hung that kid by his toe nails and he would have been asking for candy still. 🙂 see why i moderate you?

  3. […] kids, Organic Gardening, parenting, recipes, soup, too much zucchini, zucchini Making up for the candy debacle, my son downed soup with zucchini in it last night. In fact, after taking a few tentative bites, he […]

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