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The First Meal May 18, 2008

Sorry for the silence there for a bit. I just needed to be quiet. And then things got busy this weekend.

Today we spent a few hours at the emergency room while my hub got stitched up from a surfing accident — attacked by his own board, the poor guy. 13 stitches and a really stiff leg later, we’re home and both content from our first meal containing a dish straight out of the garden. We have eaten a tomato here and there, don’t get me wrong. But tonight part of the main dish was squash and zucchini that had been picked less than an hour before we ate it. The difference was insane and has us both drooling for more. If we had been able to just sit and only eat that for dinner (unfortunately, there wasn’t enough) we would have been content.

Here’s what we had:

Ryan said later that he had never expected that even plain old zucchini would taste so different and that now he can hardly wait to try other things we’re growing. Hooray!

A few other updates before I turn in for the night:

Sugarplum tomato bed
My sugarplums after their replant with Juan. He did a beautiful job of delicately digging them up with their roots and here they are, happy, caged and blooming. I couldn’t be more proud.

B10 Tomato Bed
Compared with my old tomato bed, which is just a big ‘ol riot of tomatoes. I tried to re-dig some of the watering trenches today. This bed just makes me laugh. Everywhere you look — TOMATO!

One of my most severely cut back strawberries is the first to have babies.

There are more images on flickr and you can use the thumbnails over to the right to see them.

All in all, a good day. Even the injured hub agrees. It’s amazing what some good squash can do.

If you would like to make the squash we had, it’s amazingly simple:

Heat some olive oil in a skillet big enough to spread out the amount of squash you want to cook.
Dice an onion and add it to the hot oil and let it cook and brown while you slice up your squash.
Slice squash into rounds of approximately even size and add to the pan.
Add kosher salt (or whatever kind you have) and black pepper to taste.
Saute and allow squash to sit long enough to brown and caramelize slightly.
If you want, add a tiny bit of butter to the mix for taste.

This is one of the simplest dishes to make you can find, but the flavors are so amazing and warm and they just melt in your mouth. Salty, sweet, and warm with a ton of


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  1. what’s that ceci bean dish?

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