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Some Saying Goodbye May 2, 2008

Today I went into Mom’s yard and took pictures of anything and everything I could get in focus with my lens. This weekend we will begin the process of giving her plants away to people she knew and loved. I’m hosting an open house for a few hours in order to allow people time to browse around and enjoy the things Mom grew. This is our way of ensuring that they will be well-loved and taken care of in the future.

There is so much beauty packed into the space of that yard. I paid so little attention to it for so long and now my heart aches at the thought of seeing it go, though seeing it go means sending it all to good homes, to people who want a memory of her.

So I took pictures and I’ll take some plants of my own that I love. It is hard to look at these and not fall a little in love with my mom, I think. I know I use the word “wonder” a lot in writing about her, but she had so much of it — she was so amazed at creation from the majesty of rocks pushing up hundreds of feet in the air to the smallest fleck of pollen on a bee’s leg while it worked on a flower. And so here are a few of the things that she surrounded herself with so that she could experience that wonder, joy and excitement that caused her to praise God’s handiwork and beauty.

hen and chick

Succulent blooms

Succulent blooms

There are more here.

I will be sad to see it go, but glad to know it’s being taken care of.

By the way, I don’t know what most of the things I took pictures of are, besides “plant”. If you identify something, I’d love to know.


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