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C10’s Progression April 13, 2008

Since I’m still so tired I could weep (besides, it’s tax time — no one needs any more reason than that to weep), here is a visit-by-visit progression of C10. Joce and I spent…ohhh…about an hour and a half at blasted Lowe’s (rant to come later) waiting for wood to be cut. So we had only about another 90 minutes for actual garden work by the time we got to Ivey Ranch. The amount we got done amazes me. She’s the best.

The day I got C10:

Progress after Teri and I dug with the boys in tow:

After Joce and I worked the plot on Saturday of last week:

After I worked the plot yesterday (Dick rototilled during the week and refuses to take cookies in payment. He says he’s waiting for my vegetables…). I dug for about 3 hours, listening to Jeremy Camp, Shane & Shane, and Sons of Korah. Very therapeutic:

After Joce and I worked today:

Ow. Just all over. Ow!

We got about a solid 1/3 of the digging done. Those beds are about 4ft wide by 6.5 ft long. On the west side the beds will be about 4ft wide and 4ft 4in long, depending on what length Mr. Lowe’s decided my wood should actually be. Who knows? I shall make due. I think my pink gloves, olive green clutch, and big spiral notebook made him nervous. Poor man.

We would have left with very big heads this evening only, as we walked out of the plot and went to shut the gate, we realized we’d build the beds up so that the gate was completely blocked from shutting. Whoops! So that got a hasty fix-up and we left not QUITE so egotistical as we might have otherwise.

My tomatoes are particularly beautiful as are my pepper plants. I have okra and cranberry beans sprouting and will be starting watermelon and pumpkin with Miss Ella tomorrow, barring unforeseen changes in schedule. I can’t wait.

And now, I drop. Good night.


3 Responses to “C10’s Progression”

  1. Kate Says:

    [Low whistle of appreciation] Nice beds! But are they not fastened together? How will they survive the earthquakes?! 🙂

  2. merlotmudpies Says:

    hehehe…well, see those stakes in the ground? they are about twice as long as they look and got pounded in with mallets. we’ll see how it all stays together (i’m more worried about a certain toddler than i am earthquakes tho…) these are raised beds on a budget. i think i’ve built all the beds in the entire two plots for as much as a single raised bed kit usually costs. about $80 total including wood, stakes, and two mallets. *nervous

  3. Ani Says:

    Time to name the plots. C10 ain’t doing it for me.

    The Dirtbox?

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