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Getting The Mail April 11, 2008

I am not kidding when I say that opening my mailbox this evening was like coming down the hall on Christmas morning. The grown up gardener’s version, anyway! Waiting for me were two packages.

The first was an envelope from one of the other members of the You Grow Girl community which, if you have not visited it, is one of the coolest groups of gardening babes to ever come together on the Internet. In the envelope were 5 hand-made seed envelopes with copious notes about each one’s contents. Included were:

  • Korean Melon: “007 Honey”
  • Korean Melon: “Honeymoon”
  • Tomato: Jubilee
  • Tomato: Brandywine
  • Watermelon: Sugar Baby

Can you believe that? I was only expecting the Sugar Baby seeds, and even those I was so pleased and thankful to be getting.

Next was an anonymous package that we’re still trying to figure out which was filled with plant tags (which I needed badly) and then seeds for four different types of pumpkin, two different watermelons (not the ones I got in the other package, either — different ones!) sunflowers, herbs and peppers. I have no idea who this is from and so I have no idea who to thank.

I have to say this day started with a bit of a whine, but ended on a serious high note. And I haven’t even told about having dinner with my dad.

My face hurts from smiling.


3 Responses to “Getting The Mail”

  1. Christmas in the summer. Excellent!

  2. merlotmudpies Says:

    That’s what I thought! Strolled on over to your blog, and you’ve got an adorable son, no doubt! Thanks for the visit. You garden looks fantastic. I’m harvesting bountiful beans and cranberry beans which I let dry for seed if you’re interested — I saw you were a green bean fan. I’d be happy to send a few your way.

  3. I would love a few of the cranberry bean seeds, if you think they will grow in Illinois next year. Thanks!

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