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Two is Terrible April 2, 2008

Filed under: parenting — Mary @ 11:12 pm

I really think that God ordained that kids start getting interesting and interactive in a new way at two to make up for the terrible parts of all of it.  Like, the part where your child gains the ability to completely tune out the sound of your voice when you’re trying to get him to stop doing something he wants to do.  No wonder kids sleep so much.  All that energy spent on exerting your own will from waking to sleeping must wear a little body out!  It sure wears my body out!

I keep chanting to myself, “Tomorrow I will wake up and this day will be over, done, no longer today…just…get…to…tomorrow!”

Just to be clear — this really is my favorite age so far.  There are things that Eamonn says that just crack me up and are a little glimmer of the great kid I’m going to get to know so well when he’s talking more.  I love that in the mornings he yells, “Moooommmmm….WEH AAAAH YOUUUU!” (mom, where are you — for the toddler-speak challenged) when he’s ready to get out of bed.  I love that he will just randomly turn to me and say, “Mom, I lubbus.” (I love you) and give me a smooch for no reason other than that he wants to.  I love that he stands, nekkid as a jay bird after his bath, holding his drum sticks in the middle of the living room with his doggy hooded towel hanging off his head and yells, “‘K, ah weddy!  K.  Bwun!  Weddy set GO!” and drums his little heart out while singing gibberish songs that contain random words like “daddy,” “shoe,” “juice,” and “amen” in them.

So don’t get me wrong.  I love two.  Adore it!  And it makes me oh…so very tired.


I take possession of C10 tomorrow!  Nettles, look out!  I know you’re not mint, now.  SO BEWARE.


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