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Band-Aids and Home Depot March 31, 2008

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My Jocelyn came to see me today and we traipsed off to the Home Depot with a few planks in mind for my garden plot. It turns out you can get a whole lot ‘o cheap wood at Home Depot! For what I thought I would pay to do one bed, we ended up building all three of my large beds and both of my small ones. We even have enough wood and stakes left over to frame up the whole length of my 2-foot bed which runs the entire 26’ ft. length of my plot. It was positively amazing. We got completely carried away and lost track of time with all we were doing. I have Band-aids wrapped around both my thumbs where I ripped open blisters while pounding in stakes, digging in compost, and cutting chicken wire. Pure. Heaven.

What we divas did:

  • Framed 3 5′ ft x 5′ ft beds
  • Framed 2 5′ ft x 2′ ft beds
  • Dug in an entire wheel barrow of compost
  • Planted 3 zucchini, 4 yellow crook neck squash, 2 green beans, 3 holes of potatoes, lemon basil, 3 sugar snap peas, 6 marigolds
  • Caged all our seedlings from rodent attack with chicken wire cages
  • Staked our pea seedlings
  • Drove frantically to Panda Express to buy a furious husband a very late dinner
  • Drove frantically home with said dinner to guiltily apologize

All in a day’s work, aye?

I have to say that time spent with Jocelyn is like no other time I have. I come away with aching stomach and face muscles from having laughed so hard. She is that sort of friend who just GETS you. We stood holding onto each other in fits of laughter at Home Depot over some joke about ordering ply-wood to be cut for us to the point that the poor man helping us finally asked after the noise of the saw, “So, what were you ladies laughing so hard about?” We explained. He stared. I said, “You’re sorry you asked now, aren’t you?” and he said, “Well, yeah. A little bit.” I really won’t even try to explain the joke because it is HYSTERICAL, but utterly lost in translation outside of our weird, perfect little connection.

All this is to say that this evening, sans ticking off my long-suffering hub, was a beautiful and perfect cap to a really wonderful day.

If you at all identified with my meltdown and resulting desperate prayer the other day — or were even just interested by it — then I highly, highly recommend you listen to a podcast of Kevin Daane delivering “More Than Spin.” It is not up on the website yet, but it should be within the next day or two. This morning, after hearing it, I turned to my Dad and simply mouthed, “Wow.” I left New Life this morning so incredibly thankful to have been there, and it seemed as though Kevin could have prepared that same sermon if he had been asked to speak specifically to the week I just had. That’s one of the lovely things about the gospel — it speaks to you where you are, even when we’re all a bunch of different places.

Pictures of B10 will be forthcoming in a day or two.

I am off to sleep quickly and, I’m sure, dream of things growing in my garden.


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