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Accomplished Afternoon March 23, 2008

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Today Meg, my sister-in-law, and I went to B10 so that she could see this plot I’ve been talking about to the point of obsession. I have to say before I get ahead of myself that I did not end up getting B9 — the lessee of that plot suddenly reappeared at the end of the week and claimed her plots after about 6 or 7 months of dormancy. Apparently she had been ill. Given this information I can’t be sad and now I have my eye on C10, the agreed upon community blight of Ivey Ranch. But that’s another story.

Anyway, Meg and I arrived after a few days of neglect on my part to find that Dick had rototilled my whole plot for me! All my soil was so soft and lovely and clean of weeds I could hardly believe it. Not only that, but someone had left 9 tomato cages for me and a roll of chicken wire. Top this onto the sun screen Lynn built for me the other day to protect my little herbs until I get them planted, and you begin to get an idea of the generosity and heart I encounter every day when I go to Ivey Ranch.

Meg and I had only intended to tour the plots and then run some errands but when we saw that tilled earth just waiting to be touched, something got into both of us and we lost our minds for about two blissful hours. It all started with this wishful thought on my part:

“I wish we had a tape measure so I knew for SURE the exact dimensions of my plot.” I have learned not to trust the guys who sweetly “guesstimate” dimensions and directions for me. More on that and the direction of North later.

Meg said, “Oh…I keep a tape measure in my glove compartment!”

What girl does this and how can I not adore her for being the one? We raced to the car and got the tape measure, my work gloves and some bottles of water. Not only that, Meg had an exacto knife so since we didn’t have any paper she cut up an old paper grocery bag and grabbed a pen to plot out my garden design. Armed this way, we got to work on our hands and knees in the dirt and decided how we would set up the plot. I did not have my camera so I will need to go take pictures this weekend, but I ended up with 3 large beds 5 feet across, 2 small beds two feet across, and one long bed against the back fence that extends the entire length of my plot. All of this is accessed by 18″ inch paths which we then proceeded to dig through my plot, building up dirt into the bed areas.

Proud and glowing at the end of it all, I went and dragged Barry over to see what we’d accomplished. “Well, I’ll be!” he exclaimed, laughing his big Barry laugh. “You girls actually got some work done! I thought y’all were over here just yapping!”

We assured him that women can “yap” and work at the same time. He was appropriately impressed.

Barry seems to think that “I have gardening in me.” If my mom knows what’s happening here still, I’m sure she has to be laughing at that. I can kill a plant faster than anyone we know. But somehow my new plants are surviving. In fact, they are thriving while they sit in my shade corner patiently waiting to be planted.

Somehow, this makes me feel a little more grown up. A little steadier on my feet. A little more confident that I am in the process of making something beautiful. I know it’s still just dirt in neater piles right now, but my plot is gorgeous and I could stand just looking at it for far longer than I really have time for if I were able to.

Pictures soon.


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